• Bandits Essential Oil Blend

    “Bandit” is my spin on oil blends inspired by the Legend of the Four Thieves.  There are various versions of this legend and just as many variations on the recipe.   It goes something like this: A small band of thieves (usually 4) made their fortunes looting and robbing during the 14th Century while the Black Death devastated Europe.  According to tradition, one of these men was an herbalist (or relative of an herbalist) and through his strategic concoction, they were able to stay healthy themselves through their exploits.  The story (or one version thereof) concludes with the bandits escaping punishment, for although they were caught, they were granted their lives in exchange for the secret recipe–which may or may not have similarities to my blend below.  When we first think someone is catching something, or when we are wanting to boost immune systems and clear the air to prevent illness that might be going around, we add Bandit to the diffuser. It is also excellent to use in household cleaning.  And is my favourite as a bathroom spray!

    Ingredients:   Clove Bud, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus and Rosemary 

    all have incredible benefits and healing properties individually, as a synergy blend they are even more powerful. Research at Weber State University has found when these essential oils are diffused they have a 99% kill rate against airborne bacteria. Other case studies concluded similar results demonstrating this combination of essential oils is proven to eradicate viruses and bacteria related sicknesses within minutes.

    This Study Verifies the Oils in our Bandits Blend Fights the Flu Virus!

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    Size :12 ml


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