• Bath Salts – Winter

    These bath salts got it’s name from it’s Main Herb – Wintergreen.  This blend is amazing for melting away aches and pains, detoxifying the body, and clearing the aura.  Soak in Winter Bath salts, all year round! The birch is traditionally linked with purification. And both birch and wintergreen contain Methyl salicylate (which your body can turn into salicylates, what makes up aspirin)  That is what makes it so great for pain.  It can also reduce high blood pressure!  With the combination of The Salts and clays, this blend will relax and relieve pain, clear your energy, detoxify your body, and make for a really great bath!

    We recommend dry skin brushing afterwards to remove the skin cells that will be loosened by the soak and enhance it’s detoxification ability.


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    Weight .429 kg

    Essential Oils of : Wintergreen, Cinnamon and Birch Ingredients: Essential Oils, Epsom Salt, Desert Salt, Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Zeolite


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