• Spray Smudge – Buffalo Sage Clearing Spray

    This beautiful blend is created by us from start to finish.  We grow or harvest the herbs, and using a special process the properties (and fragrance) of each plant is extracted.  It has been expertly crafted by our Master Herbalist in conjunction with our Shaman using traditional techniques and Reiki energy.  An all natural blend of plant extracts (grown by Mother Earth with out the use of any pesticides or chemicals…. about as organic as it gets!)  With a sweet, slightly floral fragrance this smudge spray is a great alternative to traditional smudge mixes, which are burned.

    What is smudge? And Why use spray smudge?

    Smudging is a way to cleanse a person , place or an object of negative energies, spirits or influences.

    The smudging traditionally involves the burning of sacred plants then, either passing an object through the resulting smoke, or fanning the smoke around a person or place.  You can use spray smudge in a similar way, by spritzing the object, place or person.

    To smudge a person with spray smudge, mist the spray smudge over the top of their head, or above their body if lying down.  You only need one or two sprays to cleanse a person.  To cleanse a room or house, spray clockwise around the area. Again only a couple of sprays are needed to cleanse a room as the mist will disperse into the whole space.

    When we smudge, you are asking the spirit of sacred plants for assistance and you must pay proper respect to their healing power. Using Sage to “Smudge” is a simple and powerful way to clear your energy field and remove negative energy from the area. Sage is the main ingredient in our smudge spray.

    Smudging is traditionally the process of burning the dried plant and fanning the smoke over your body with sacred intention.  Smudging is best known as a Native American ritual, but it is found in other cultures as well.  We still really like using traditional smudge, and smoke.  However, it is not always possible due to allergies, public places, smoke detectors and convenience.

    Also, If you are going to use sweet grass, I suggest that you cleanse the area with white sage and then use sweet grass. (we also make a sweetgrass blessing spray!)

    Smudge is one of the most powerful tools that we have available to use.  Any time we open our self to energy transfer, we must be sure that negative energy is cleared from the area.

    Smudge Spray is the easiest way of clearing energy.

    Sage: Is seen as a women’s medicine, and offers strength, wisdom, and clarity of purpose. It is used to symbolize the life-giving power of women. Sage is often braided into three strands, similar to Sweetgrass, and hung within one’s home. It may be tied with a ribbon in one of the colors of the medicine wheel: Red, yellow, black, white or green.

    Cedar: Is used for purification and to attract positive energy, feelings, emotions and for balance. Cedar tea has been used as a healing medicine. It’s high vitamin C content was essential to the prevention of scurvy, in a time when fruits and vegetables were unavailable during the long winter months. It was one of the first gifts of natural healing shared with the European peoples upon their arrival to Turtle Island (North America).

    Lavender:  is used to bring in beauty into a space, person or object.



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    Weight 0.1 kg

    50 ml


    White Buffalo Sage (Salvia Apiana), Western Cedar tips (thuja plicata), Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), alcohol, water.


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