• Zen Gel – Topical Stress Relief

    “OM” is the theme for this product.  A blend of many stress relieving and anti-inflammatory herbs featuring kava kava, passionflower and the wonderful scent of yang yang in an organic aloe gel base.  

    Melt away daily tensions and accumulated stress with these active plant concentrations of oils and extracts. Blood flow is regulated and blood chemicals are balanced for an immediate escape from pressure and worries. Safe for children and pregnant women to use as often as needed. Rub on temples for headache relief and apply before bed time to bottoms of feet for sweet dreaming and undisturbed slumber. A great product for spa treatments as well as cranky children. A lovely addition to any beauty protocol as stress is proven to be the number one ageing component in our lives today.  Also very effective on restless leg syndrome!

    • For the purpose of relieving Depression and Anxiety, apply to temples, jaw, and the back of neck.  Be sure to breath deeply, and inhale the aromatherapy from your hands.  Repeat as needed
    • For Promoting a restful sleep, again apply to temples and jaw, but this time also apply to the bottoms of your feet.
    • When promoting calmness or sleep in young children, always apply for them.  Apply anywhere, but keep away from the eyes.
    • Obviously for Restless leg Syndrome, apply to the legs and feet.  (and arms and hands if they are also affected) before bed.
    • This product is great during pregnancy,especially the third trimester!  But please consult your care provider before using any natural health product.
    • For Migraines apply to the temples, jaw and back of neck.  You should also include the shoulders and upper back if your muscles are tense.
    • Great for before and after a Massage or Chiropractic treatment to help your body relax and take the aches and tension out of your muscles.
    • For general stress relief, apply daily before bed, or during times of stress.

    Relax and grow young again with this necessary product.

     Directions for Use: Apply generously to any and all achey parts for relaxation of muscles, or to hands/feet/exposed skin for aromatherapy benefits and stress relief.  Allow to dry.  Can be used multiple times per day and on any body part.

     We use glass containers.  However we may be able to arrange using plastic instead if requested.

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