Quantum communication is equivalent to quantum healing, according to BODYTALK.

BodyTalk is an innovative kind of complementary and alternative medicine that enables the resynchronization of the body’s energy systems in order to restore the body to its natural state of functioning. When every component of a living organism, from the systems to the cells to the atoms, is working as it should, the result is a body that is capable of reaching its full potential. These channels of communication get disrupted as a result of the many pressures of day-to-day living, which ultimately leads to a decrease in one’s physical, emotional, and/or mental health. When these channels of communication are re-established, the internal processes of the body are able to perform at their highest possible levels. BodyTalk repairs and prevents illness while simultaneously speeding the body’s natural capacity to heal itself, so stimulating the body’s intrinsic ability to achieve balance and heal itself.

Throughout a BodyTalk session, the client lies on a massage table completely clothed while the practitioner uses neuromuscular feedback to enable communication with the client’s body’s intrinsic wisdom. This takes place during the session. The client’s own body knowledge guides the practitioner to the imbalances inside the body that are a priority for the body to fix after the practitioner has asked innate a series of yes or no questions to the client. The practitioner holds the places that have been emphasized by the testing technique and taps softly on the head and sternum. Additionally, the practitioner holds the locations that have been highlighted. By tapping on the person’s head, stimulation and awareness are brought to the brain, which in turn helps to reestablish communication. When you tap on the sternum, often known as the heart and brain, you increase the likelihood that the new information will be distributed and retained throughout the body. The client may experience very subtle results or fairly dramatic and instantaneous ones, but in any case, they will be in a condition that is balanced, harmonious, and repaired. Depending on what the body wishes to work on, the session might be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. This range is determined by the client.

The holistic, non-invasive, safe, and effective modality is known as BodyTalk. It is possible to utilize it on its own as a standalone system to treat a wide range of chronic and acute health conditions, or it is possible to incorporate it easily into any existing health care routine in order to boost its overall efficacy.

BodyTalk has been demonstrated to be effective in improving the following areas:

  • Headaches
  • Back Pain
  • Stress
  • Phobias and Other Fears *
  • Digestive and Endocrine diseases
  • Injuries Caused by Sports
  • Disorders of Learning/Disorders of Emotional Regulation
  • Viri and other infectious diseases
  • Allergies
  • Exhaustion that is ongoing
  • Fibromyalgia

Contextual Considerations Regarding the BodyTalk System:

Dr. John Veltheim is an Australian chiropractor, acupuncturist, philosopher, and author. He is also responsible for the development of the BodyTalk System. The BodyTalk System, as described in John’s books, has been taught in over 28 different nations and translated into many other languages.

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“Information travels in a holistic manner across a quantum cosmos. “

The elements of a cell are knitted together into a complicated network of communication loops that include crosstalk, feedback, and feedforward. It is possible for a biological malfunction to result from a breakdown in communication along any of the flow pathways.

-Professor Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

“The exchange of any kind of material in the natural world takes place in the form of energy.”

When it comes to life and medicine, ignoring the role that energetic factors play is equivalent to ignoring around 99 percent of what is going on. The energy pathways in the body are just starting to be mapped out at this point. To tap into the body’s innate capacity to repair itself, all that is required is for us to interact with these electrical circuits, activate the appropriate switches, and then monitor the results. Approaches based on energy are effective very rapidly and have few adverse effects. This is the kind of medication that will be used in the future.

-James Oshman, Ph.D.

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