Color Therapy for Healing

Color therapy is a kind of energy medicine that involves the use of light and colour to facilitate healing. This kind of treatment, which is also known as chromotherapy, has a history that dates back thousands of years. This treatment was first used in India, despite the widespread belief in the West that it was developed in Egypt. Since then, it has disseminated to a great many other countries and regions, and it has also been validated by scientific research. The purpose of colour therapy is to reawaken the energies of the soul, as well as to harmonise the physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium of the human body. This results in the human body feeling revitalised and able to deal with the challenges and strains of everyday life. The intention is to cleanse the energies of the mind, body, and spirit in order to bring back the natural equilibrium that has been lost in the human body. Gemstones, candles, wands, prisms, colourful textiles, bath treatments, and coloured eye wear are some of the items that are utilised in colour therapy. Other equipment include coloured eye wear. One may experience a sense of liberation from suppressed feelings and stressors via the use of colour therapy, which results in a state of balance with both the human body and environment. In its most basic form, the treatment revolves on the seven primary hues of the rainbow. It is believed that each of the seven hues that make up the visible spectrum have therapeutic characteristics, including black and white, which help to keep the body and mind in a state of equilibrium. There is a connection between each of these hues and the respective numerological number and planet. There is also a hue that corresponds to each of the Zodiac signs. The primary colours are black, white, red, green, and blue, as well as yellow, violet, and various shades of blue and green.

Moon is meant to be white, which is thought to represent innocence, much as the Sun is connected with the colour golden yellow. Mars is an earth sign, and the colour associated with Mars is red. Saturn is a planet that moves very slowly, and according to Hindu mythology, he is the son of the Sun that was born out of wedlock. Because of his gloomy appearance, the colour blue is often linked with Saturn. Jupiter, the planet that bestows wisdom, is connected with the colour yellow. Mercury, the planet that bestows green, and Venus, the planet that bestows white and silver, are their respective colours. It is noteworthy to note that the flower Hibiscus, which is red in colour, have the abilities to enhance blood cells in the body. These qualities may be found in traditional Chinese medicine. In order to increase the number of healthy red blood cells, it is recommended that people with blood cancer focus their attention on this flower.

The way we interact with the world around us is profoundly influenced by colour. It is stated that one can identify a guy by his address and the clothes he wears. The colour of your garment provides insight into the kind of person you are as well as your preferences and preferences in life. People that gravitate toward the colour red, for instance, tend to be fiery, ambitious, and passionate individuals. Additionally, the colour red is connected to winning. Having green plants around you might increase the number of chances available for growth. Green is associated with growth. Wearing the colour white, which is associated with cleanliness and innocence, might help a person feel more at ease. That is the reason why brides traditionally wear white at their weddings.

In addition, the goal of colour therapy is to assist activate our body’s natural healing processes by restoring harmony to the body’s energy centres, and it also seeks to improve the body’s capacity to repair itself. The purpose of colour therapy is to restore balance to the energy in those parts of our bodies—whether they be physical, emotional, cerebral, or spiritual—that are deficient in vitality by using light and colour in the form of instruments, imagery, or verbal communication.

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