12 Types of Alternative Health Healing Therapies

Angel Reading

Information from your Angels is channeled via Francis (or Guides). The information that is supplied to you by the angels will always shed light on a region of your life that requires your attention. Working with angels is a benefit since it also comes with working instructions on how to harmonize, rectify circumstances, release emotions, and live in harmony. These directions may be found in the working manual. Therefore, if you are looking for some direction in your life or healing from emotional, mental, or physical traumas, getting a psychic reading from Francis is a wonderful way to tap into the infinite wisdom of the angelic realm. This is true regardless of whether you are looking for guidance in your life or healing.

Angel Wisdom

Angel Wisdom is a non-denominational spiritual healing practice that includes working with a person’s guardian angels and archangels to heal and harmonize every area of life. This method seeks to heal and restore balance in all facets of a person’s existence. Angel Wisdom sessions may also help you receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and angels in a more clear and unmistakable manner. A session is a one-of-a-kind combination of receiving guidance from your angels (also known as an angel reading) and using that knowledge to make meaningful changes in your life. The information that is supplied to you by the angels will always shed light on a region of your life that requires your attention. Working with angels is a benefit since it also comes with working instructions on how to harmonize, rectify circumstances, release emotions, and live in harmony. These directions may be found in the working manual. During an Angel Wisdom session, once we have connected with your angels and have discussed the area of disharmony that you or the angels have put forward, we will put together a healing plan (under the guidance of your angels), as well as balance your energy centers. This will take place after we have connected with your angels and after we have discussed the area of disharmony that you or the angels have put forward (called chakras). In order to construct the basis for your recovery strategy, we could also engage in some kind of meditation or visualization. Your strategy for recovery might consist of something as simple as spending five minutes every day in the great outdoors, or it could include more in-depth adjustments to your lifestyle and food. Therefore, whether you are searching for some direction in your life or healing from emotional, mental, or physical traumas, an Angel Knowledge session is a wonderful opportunity to tap into the limitless wisdom of the heavenly world. This may be beneficial whether you are looking for guidance in your life or healing.

The first quarter of an hour is dedicated to making intuitive connections and speaking with your angels via the use of angel cards. The remaining half an hour is spent carrying out the strategy that was developed earlier. To get started on your path to healing, we can begin with a chakra balancing, then go on to a meditation or visualization practice. To wrap things off, we will talk about some tools and techniques that you may use to continue your healing work and connect with angels when you go back home.

Biopulsar Biofeedback and Chromalive Therapy

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph is the World’s Most Advanced Spectroscopic Instrument for Aura Diagnosis

Biopulsar’s sophisticated software program converts the energy that is read from each reflex zone into the color language, which enables us to visualize our full-body aura.

Your personality and your energy field are both components of your aura. On a conscious level, it conveys both ideas and feelings. This method will also provide us the ability to view the energy of the Chakra System as well as the vitality of 47 distinct organs and glands, including 8 separate components of the brain. At this time, conventional as well as complementary practitioners from all over the globe are making use of the Biopulsar. It sheds light on the relationship that exists between the mind and the body!


The Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese were among the many ancient societies that believed in and made use of the therapeutic potential of color therapy. It is possible to repair imbalances inside the body that occur at the molecular level by making use of the universal language of color, which will result in the health of each cell being restored. By simply tonating the proper energetical treatment color in the matching Reflex Zone, Acupuncture Point, and Meridian, Chromalive Color Therapy may assist in returning an organ to a state of homoeostasis.

There is also a rapid anti-aging impact that takes place, which is another advantage. A more relaxed appearance, a more radiant complexion, and a decrease in wrinkles may be achieved by performing a targeted color massage on the face’s response zones. Chromalive Color Therapy is a risk-free and non-invasive approach to restoring the energy of the body on several levels, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Craniosacral Therapy

What exactly is involved in CranioSacral Therapy?

Osteopathic physicians were the ones who first pioneered and established CST over one hundred years ago. Craniosacral Therapy is quickly becoming the therapy of choice in the fields of pain, rehabilitation, and neurology as a direct result of considerable scientific research conducted at Michigan State University between the years 1975 and 1983. It is a gentle hands-on method that is non-invasive and does not include any intrusive procedures. It is also known as cranial osteopathy.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a method of evaluating and improving the functioning of a physiological body system known as the craniosacral system. This system is made up of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. CST is a hands-on technique that is gentle and non-invasive.

Understanding the constant, tiny motions of the cranial bones, which result in a rhythm of around six to twelve cycles per minute, is the foundation of both the theory and practice of CranioSacral Therapy (CST). This rhythm is thought to be a reaction to changes in the amount of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that occurs within the environment of the spinal cord and the brain. In reaction to the changes in fluid pressure that occur everywhere around the central nervous system (CNS), a gentle movement spreads outward throughout the whole body. To enhance the performance of the central nervous system, practitioners of craniosacral therapy relieve constraints in the craniosacral system by using a light touch that is often no larger than 5 grams, which is about equivalent to the weight of a nickel.

The spine and the skull, as well as the cranial sutures, diaphragms, and fascia, are worked with in a careful manner by a therapist. Craniosacral therapists are able to detect disturbances in the rhythm to assist them in identifying areas of dysfunction, such as cranial, sutural, membrane, and other soft tissue restrictions in the body. They do this by using their hands as fine discriminating tools. Craniosacral therapists use their hands as fine discriminating tools. CST is increasingly employed as a preventative health therapy for its potential to boost resistance to illness. It is useful for a broad variety of medical disorders related to pain and dysfunction, including the following conditions and symptoms:

  • Migraine Headaches
  • Pain in the Back and Neck that Is Chronic
  • Disabilities in the Coordination of Movement
  • Colic
  • Autism
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Issues Relating to Orthopedics
  • Injuries to the Brain and Spinal Cord Caused by Trauma
  • Scoliosis Infantile Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Fatigue that won’t go away
  • Problems of an Emotional Nature
  • Concerns Relating to Anxiety, Tension, and Stress
  • Disorders of the Connective Tissue, Such as Fibromyalgia and Other
  • The Syndrome of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
  • Neurovascular or Immune Disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Dysfunction That Occurs After Surgery

How a therapy may be beneficial:

  • helps restore normal cranial mobility
  • releases abnormal myofascial restrictions and tensions in the body
  • releases abnormal restrictions in the head
  • eases restrictions of nerves
  • optimizes cerebrospinal fluid movement through the central nervous system
  • helps restore misaligned bones to their proper positions (assisting troubles with back, hips, shoulders, knees)

Herbal Therapy

In the whole world, herbal medicine is the kind of healthcare that is the most ancient and has the longest history of continuous use. According to the Globe Health Organization (WHO), more than 80 percent of people throughout the world continue to rely on native plants used for therapeutic purposes as their main method of health care. Even though herbal medicine is not yet included in Canada’s national health care system, contemporary medicine takes inspiration from it. In fact, thirty percent of all medications are derived from medicinal plants.

The field of medical science has, for the most part, disregarded the practice of herbal medicine; nevertheless, there is a growing awareness among the general population of both the effectiveness of herbal medicines and the need to look at sickness and health in fundamentally different manner. The practice of herbal medicine adheres to the philosophy known as “wholism,” which holds that each component of living matter or aspect of reality is composed of interconnected wholes that are more than the mere addition of their individual components. This perspective on the human body is particularly useful in the diagnosis and treatment of illness because it acknowledges the vast number of factors that can have an effect on the health of the human body. These factors include one’s diet, lifestyle, attitudes, spirituality, genetics, and the environment.

Within the context of a clinical setting, clinical herbal medicine refers to the use of medicinal herbs, nutritional science, and time-honored health practices with the goal of supporting patients in overcoming sickness and regaining their health. In order to evaluate the current state of a patient’s health, a Clinical Herbalist may employ a number of diagnostic approaches. These may include case history, physical examination, and the interpretation of laboratory test results, in addition to a number of other highly specialized methods, such as iridology, pulse diagnosis, and tongue diagnosis.

Intuitive Readings

For the most part, intuitive readings revolve around consulting one’s spirit guides or angels in order to make sense of a spread of playing cards. Even while I consult the Arthurian tarot for some of my readings, it is just a minor portion of how I conduct them. Because of the cards, I am better able to tune into what your guides want you to be aware of in your life (through the lens of my own guides). Getting a reading may help shed light on aspects of your life that don’t seem to be functioning as well as they once did and give you the chance to make adjustments in those areas. Since I was almost a decade old, I’ve been putting my abilities as a reader and intuitive to use.

Rebalancing Bodywork

An energy cleansing comes first at the beginning of every session of rebalancing. This is a chance to talk to your body about where it is in its current state. This process takes between thirty seconds and one minute to complete. Following this, you will undergo a kind of movement-based treatment known as joint release. You should anticipate feeling this. As the name indicates, this method involves performing light, controlled movements on the skeleton’s joints. The time required for joint release might range anywhere from five to thirty minutes, depending on the patient’s needs. The deep tissue massage will follow the joint release that just took place. This often entails extremely slow holds that may last for up to three minutes, and they are frequently very deep, accurate, and slow. Even though it is nonverbal communication, there is a continuous flow of information between the practitioner and the body. Because relaxing is such a key component of the Rebalancing process, you will be encouraged to discuss the level of pressure that you find to be most comfortable for you. Continuing to be present with whatever feelings that you may be experiencing are another really beneficial strategy. Both the practitioner and the person receiving treatment may significantly benefit from practicing mindfulness. A body reading is an option that may be included in a rebalancing session. This is an overall examination of the body that is performed by the practitioner, who will search for patterns that limit wellbeing as well as wellness itself during this time. During a body reading, you will be invited to do a self-examination with your eyes closed, after which you will be prompted to consider and discuss the findings of your examination. Depending on the amount of time available, body reading may be done either before or after a session.


Reflexology, also known as Zone Therapy, is a holistic Chinese healing method that dates back thousands of years. It involves applying pressure to certain areas on the feet, hands, and ears in order to attain overall better health. The practice of reflexology is predicated on the idea that certain points on the hands, feet, and ears connect to specific glands, organs, and other parts of the human body. It is possible to obstruct or interfere with the flow of the vital energy force, known as Qi, which travels via channels and meridians all throughout the body in order to hinder healing. A good number of these points start or conclude at the extremities of the fingers and toes. It is possible to enervate and balance the Qi by the application of pressure to certain locations. The foot is one of the most sensitive portions of the body because it has 7,200 nerve endings, making it one of the most sensitive sections of the body. Toxins and fatigue can particularly accumulate in the feet, but foot manipulation, combined with the application of pressure to various reflex points, can be profoundly relaxing. Additionally, it can improve circulation, disperse toxins, and promote the natural balanced function of related organs and body parts.

I feel that reflexology is a crucial method for obtaining deep stress reduction as well as increased circulation, therefore I make sure to include it in each and every massage that I do.

Hand Reflexology

The rise in popularity of hand-intensive activities such as texting, keyboarding, and gaming has contributed to the rise in popularity of hand reflexology in more recent times. Reflexology of the hands offers alleviation to those hands, particularly from the tensions that have been imposed on them by modern technology. The spots in the hands not only activate healing in other parts of the body, which is an extra plus. This is a wonderful pick-me-up to have during a break for lunch!

Hand reflexology is a kind of massage treatment that is both holistic and natural, and it targets your major body zones by working on the reflex points that are located in your palm. In addition to being a well-liked method for both self-massage and holistic treatment, it has the potential to be categorized as a healing zone body therapy. Hand reflexology identifies certain zones, pressure points, and energy centers that are situated on the palm and backs of your hands. Different organs and functions of the body are influenced when these regions are massaged effectively.

The civilizations of the Far East and the Middle East are responsible for the development of both the art and the science of reflexology massage, which goes back hundreds and generations. On these continents, massage and other forms of holistic therapy are popular practices, and they are often at the center of a culture’s religious and spiritual belief systems. Hand reflexology methods have been performed for hundreds of years in many cultures. These practices include yoga, meditation, self-massage, and other naturally occurring avenues to relaxation and enlightenment.

Reflexology charts for the hand are readily accessible nowadays, and these charts may be used in place of diagrams to get an understanding of the related zones and locations on the body. These plans will assist you in locating the problematic region: The organs that are represented on the zone labels are as follows: stomach, heart, lungs, brain, and even kidneys. It is thought that certain places of the hands and feet provide ‘access’ to various parts of the body. This includes all areas of the body. A practitioner may choose to massage the proper zone in order to activate the gland, organ, or component of the nervous system that is in need of assistance when certain diseases or pains have been identified.

Reflexology is a kind of massage that is light and beneficial, and it helps the body eliminate harmful energy while also assisting in relaxation. It involves manipulating the hand (and feet; for more information, see our article on foot reflexology), sometimes in a specific sequence, and it has the potential to enhance both your physical health and your mental condition after only one session.

Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanism?

The term “shamanism” refers to a variety of different approaches to health care that have been used for generations by indigenous peoples around the globe. They were the member of the community, whether it be a tribe or a hamlet, who served as the spiritual leader of the people who lived there. They often used a variety of approaches, both physical and spiritual, to facilitate recovery. They used these approaches in order to cope with imbalances of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or sexual nature, as well as sickness, disease, and affliction. It was common practice to adopt a method of healing that included guiding the individual on a journey of self-discovery. This was a path toward healing and discovering who that individual had become as a result of the events that they had encountered in their life. The methods that have been employed, and continue to be utilized even now, are as diverse as the many civilizations that have existed. One thing that all of these practices have in common is that they are based on the same fundamentals of dealing with spirit, energy work, healing, and discovering one’s true self. Comparisons between our modern approach to mental health care and shamanic and psychology have been made on several occasions. The roots of psychology may be traced back to shamanism, and modern psychologists have been compared to shamans in many respects.

During the course of my journeys into adulthood, I have studied with several instructors, some of whom adhere to a shamanic methodology quite close to mine while others come from completely diverse backgrounds. As a healer, the Mayan, Peruvian, and Southern American Native peoples are the primary sources of the teachings that form the foundation of the practices that I use. The approaches are variants on the methods that were used by those individuals. The Maya were aware that there will always be new and improved means of performing rituals and using therapeutic practices. With this notion in mind, the individuals who practiced it made room within their system of healing for the possibility that alternative healing practices may include strategies that are more effective. They were also aware that in order for their method of treatment to be effective, it would have to adapt along with the changing needs of their people. You will see, then, that what I do is a weaving of approaches drawn from a variety of traditions and methods that have been shown to be effective.

Some of the techniques I use :

  • Drum Journey to find your Totem Animals ( centre power animal, healer animal, dreamer animal, warrior animal. recapitulation animal, shadow animal, past life animal, death guide animal)
  • Past Life Drum Journey
  • Lunar Progression Mapping/ Teaching
  • Crystal Work ( Balancing Chakras, Charging chakras, Discharging Chakras, Balancing Auric Field, Contracting the Auric Field, Expanding The Auric Field, Re-firing The Auric Field)
  • Assemblage Point Shifting
  • Karmic Cord Cutting
  • One Point Teaching ( Shifting assemblage point, stuck/fixate assemblage point shifting, perceiving new assemblage point situations)
  • Thought Form Recapitulation
  • 108 bundle Ceremony
  • Cultivating Pleasure Assessment
  • Drum Sound Healing

Therapeutic Touch

What exactly does “Therapeutic Touch” entail?

Therapeutic Touch is used in healthcare facilities, hospices, palliative care units, and private practices by health professionals, holistic practitioners, therapists, counsellors, educators, and private persons. Therapeutic Touch is now being taught and practiced all over the globe, including in a number of universities and colleges in both Canada and the United States. The foundation for this practice is research that is still ongoing. A growing number of medical facilities all around the globe have included its use into their protocols and regulations.

In most cases, as the practitioner, I will work in your energy field, which is located a few inches away from your body. However, if you give me permission, I may use some light contact.

Depending on the energy field, a normal session may run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, or it can be as short as 20 minutes. A very brief session of Therapeutic Touch may be beneficial for those who are terminally sick, elderly patients who are weak, patients receiving palliative care, babies, and even pets.

Humans, plants, and animals may all benefit from receiving therapeutic touch, and it is a simple technique that does not need the use of any specialized instruments or equipment to perform.

Underlying the practice are a number of presumptions that are considered to be fundamental. These three examples are:

  • When a person is in a healthy condition, life energy flows easily into, through, and out of their energy field in an organized way.
  • The flow of energy may be defined as being blocked, disorganized, or depleted when an illness or injury takes place because it disrupts the flow of energy.
  • Practitioners of Therapeutic Touch have the ability to alter the energy flow, which helps to repair the field’s integrity while also bringing it closer to completeness and health.

What are the advantages of doing so?

Therapeutic Touch has been shown to be effective in a number of areas, including the induction of a relaxation response, the reduction of anxiety, the modification of pain perception, the facilitation of the body’s natural restorative process, the induction of an improved sense of well-being, and the provision of comfort in times of distress.

How would you describe a session?

A session of Therapeutic Touch is always personalized, and it typically does not last more than sixty minutes. You, the client, will remain fully clothed throughout the session, and depending on your preferences, Therapeutic Touch may be performed with no physical contact at all, with light touch that may include some massage of the hands, feet, and head, or with no touch at all. The session will always take place within your comfort zone. You have the option of either laying face up on a massage table or sitting on a stool while the session is being performed on you.

To begin, I will make a deliberate effort to put myself in a condition of calm and alertness, which involves gaining inner silence and being fully present in the moment. This is what people usually mean when they talk about “grounding.” After that, I will ground you as my client and give our energy vibrations time to get aligned with one another. I’m going to slide my hands down from the head to the feet and pay attention to any variances in the way the energy flows at each stage. After this, I move my hands about in a soft, rhythmic manner with the intention of redistributing and rebalancing the energy in your field. In general, I begin with a foot massage and then go on to rebalancing each of the legs. This is the pattern that I follow. Following that is a rebalancing of the arms, and then finally, a hand massage is performed. If I sense that the organs in the thoracic and abdominal regions need care, I will direct my energies toward those areas. After that, I proceed on to the head, neck, and shoulders, and then I end with a massage of the scalp. At the treatment, I will give extra attention to any areas that call for it, including those that were brought up by the customer during the first consultation.

After the Therapeutic Touch session is complete, you are recommended to take a rest period of twenty to thirty minutes. During this time, the natural healing processes of your body will adapt to the changed and rebalanced energy flow, and your own healing momentum will continue.

What do I experience when I am in a session?

There is no one “correct” method to go about experiencing Therapeutic Touch since everyone reacts differently to the sessions. Many of the people who are getting Therapeutic Touch doze off while it is being administered. Some people report feeling energy traveling through their body, along with a small tingling sensation and maybe even warm or cold feelings. After receiving a treatment, the vast majority of my customers report feeling both revitalized and very calm.

Yuen Method™

The Yuen MethodTM is a Chinese energy approach that is used to eliminate blockages that have arisen in an individual’s mind, body, or spirit and have produced obstructions to any part of the individual’s well-being. This may include mental, physical, or spiritual impediments. Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35th generation Shaolin Master, invented this approach after spending a lifetime studying not just martial arts but also structural engineering, chiropractic care, nutritional treatment, and homeopathy. He is the creator of this technique. The Yuen Method is an amalgamation of several fields of study, including quantum physics, anatomy, structural analysis, physiology, and Chinese energy practices such as Qi and Shen Gong.

The body is compared to a physiological biocomputer with numerous light switches, and according to this assumption, you are either “on” or “off,” or you have a strong or weak response to any given situation. When there is an obstruction in the flow of energy in the body, one of its symptoms is pain. It is possible for a person’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual self to be the source of their weaknesses or blocks. The energetics of the Yuen MethodTM can help identify these weaknesses or blocks and clear them, resulting in a shift in the person toward a focus on more ease and less dis-ease.

How the Yuen Method could be of use to you:

  • It is possible to let go of negative emotions such as rage, frustration, guilt, and sadness in order to experience a feeling of lightness and overall wellbeing.
  • By letting go of one’s feelings, it’s possible to make significant changes in one’s relationships.
  • Pains – it is possible to get rid of the underlying cause of knee, back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as body discomfort.
  • The instantaneous relief from stress brought on by issues at home, in the workplace, and in personal relationships is possible to experience.
  • Enhancing one’s vision by alleviating eye strain and tiredness is one way to make one’s eyes stronger.
  • Concerning your weight, do you have any unresolved emotional problems around food that aren’t serving you anymore? Get rid of all the problems that are associated with eating and food.
  • Fears may be eliminated instantaneously throughout pregnancy and the birthing process, and the energy state of the infant can be evaluated.

It is possible to train pets and other animals.

It seems that most people believe that in order to feel better, they need to take some kind of medication. This method is effective because it gets rid of fears, collective consciousness, ancestral influences, and goes all the way down to your DNA and the quantum level to make changes to the very core of who you are. By doing this, the condition’s underlying cause is eradicated, and your body is given the opportunity to heal itself.

Please go here for more information:

What to anticipate during a consultation

Sessions may serve to EMPOWER the person to live their life with more EASE in whatever scenario that they may find themselves in.

The person is able to clear pathways leading to self-empowerment and to overcome obstacles that have developed with the assistance of intuitive insight into life’s difficulties and dilemmas.
The removing of blockages that have already materialized, which might result in sudden changes in vision and new insights into any life circumstance.

~eliminating what you do not want; highlighting what you do want~

Sessions of the Yuen MethodTM may be conducted in person or over the phone, giving you the flexibility to choose whatever option is most convenient for you. It is as effective, and appointment times may be scheduled more freely as a result.

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